Powdered whey - SM Ryki
Powdered whey

SM Ryki also produces high quality powdered whey in the form of non-hygroscopic granules which dissolve very well in water. This is a semi-finished product formed during the production of mature Dutch/Swiss-style cheeses.

The main ingredient of whey is lactose. From a nutritional point of view, the most important part of whey are the whey proteins, considered the most easily absorbable of all available proteins. This product also provides a wealth of mineral salts and vitamins from the B group. More and more people are discovering the health properties of whey and incorporating it into their diets.

Whey from Ryki is not only appreciated in Poland, but also exported to many customers all over the world. Our customers are: Holland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria and France, as well as Asian countries: China, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Whey is a prized and sought-after raw material used in the confectionery, baking and dairy industries.

Quality characteristics

  • acidity as SH – from 5 to 6
  • pH – from 6.00 to 6.50
  • water content in % – max. 4.0
  • protein content in % – min. 10
  • lactose content in % – min. 70
  • solubility index – max. 1 cm of sediment

Physical properties

  • very easily water soluble
  • fine granules
  • non-hygroscopic

Contact: serwatka@smryki.pl

Product information
Total fat content ± 2%
max 1.5
25 kg or 1000 kg net
Number per carton
1 bag
4 layers of paper with internal polyethythene bag
Mass of the on pallet