Our company - SM Ryki
Our company
SM Ryki

Many years of tradition and modern technology. For over 90 years, the Ryki Dairy Cooperative has been combining many generations of cheesemaking masters, the unique recipes they have developed, and innovativeness. This means that Ryki is now considered one of Poland’s best producers of ripened cheeses, and our products are distinguished by their unforgettable flavour and top quality.

What makes us different?

No preservatives

Our cheeses do not contain preservatives, and this fact is shown o the packaging in the form of a clearly legible “stamp.”

A source of calcium

A supply of calcium is especially important in the diets of children — due to their growth — and women, as it helps prevent osteoporosis.

100% milk

Our cheeses are produced exclusively from cows’ milk.

The highest quality milk

Our cheeses are produced from milk originating in the most ecologically clean terrains of the Lublin region.


We smoke selected types of cheese at low temperatures on alder and birch wood.

A series for the active

Our cheeses support physical fitness, naturally and in accordance with the latest dietary knowledge.


The Ryki Dairy Cooperative began operating in 1926 in the cellars of the modest wooden building that housed the headquarters of a credit union. It was then that the members of the Farming Association decided to found a plant specialising in the production of butter. Interestingly, the cooperative members at that time bought up only 120 litres of milk per day.
Further transformations resulted in the plant being nationalised in the 1950s, and becoming the Ryki branch of the Garwolin Dairy Plant. It was not until 1954 that the Independent Dairy Plant began to function, producing butter, cottage cheese and mature cheeses.

In June 1971, a new dairy plant came into operation with a target production capability of 100,000 litres per day, located on ul. Żytnia (the current site of SM Ryki). This was the beginning of the plant’s dynamic expansion: